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Would you like to support the work of the Swiss Investor Protection Association (SASV) and are you interested in becoming a member?
Membership of the Swiss Investor Protection Association (SASV) is open to all natural and legal persons who support the purpose of the association. According to the statutes, there are two types of membership: active members and passive members.

Any natural or legal person with an interest in the purpose of the association can become an active member with voting rights. Any natural person or legal entity can become a passive member without voting rights if they support the association's activities through contributions. Passive members are entitled to participate in the association's activities in accordance with the resolutions of the Board of Directors.

For organisational reasons, it is currently not possible for the Swiss Investor Protection Association (SASV) to accept additional members. However, you are welcome to indicate your interest in becoming a member using the following form:

Vielen Dank!

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