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Would you like to claim your loss in the merger of Credit Suisse and UBS?

Join the lawsuit under Art. 105 FusG of the Swiss Merger Act now!

Option 1
Cost sharing proportionately by CS shareholder


  1. You register on this website to participate in the lawsuit according to Art. 105 of the Merger Act and thus commission the SASV to represent you against UBS.

  2. The SASV sends you an invoice to cover the necessary costs, which you pay by bank transfer.

  3. The SASV selects one or more sample shareholders. In consultation with the SASV, these model shareholders commission the law firm Niedermann Rechtsanwälte from Zurich to assert their rights under the Merger Act. The law firm prepares the lawsuit and files it with the competent court in Zurich.

  4. The SASV represents your interests, so you take part in the lawsuit.

  5. The costs are CHF 0.07 per share plus a one-time administration fee of CHF 250. Should the costs in context with the lawsuit turn out to be lower per share than originally calculated, you will receive a proportionate refund per share. The SASV has no intention of making a profit. So participate in the lawsuit at cost price.

  6. In the event of a successful negotiation outcome or court process, you as participating shareholders will receive a severance payment corresponding to the difference in value between the price set in the merger agreement and the price set by the court. The potential gain therefore depends on both the price per share set by the court and the number of shares held by the shareholder on 19 March 2023.

  7. The SASV informs you about the state of affairs and brings about any decisions among the participating shareholders by majority vote. This can, for example, concern the vote on the acceptance of a settlement proposal.

Note: You can participate regardless of your place of residence and number of shares if you were a Credit Suisse shareholder on 19 March 2023.

I participate in the lawsuit under Art. 105 FusG:
Upload confirmation of shareholding

The confirmation can also be submitted later by email. Which documents you have to submit, please click here!

Thank you for your registration, you will receive an email shortly!

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