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Swiss Investor Protection Association (SASV) new member of BETTER FINANCE

Swiss Investor Protection Association (Schweizerischer Anlegerschutzverein, SASV) is pleased to announce its admission as a new member of BETTER FINANCE, the European Federation of Investors and Financial Services Users whose activities are supported by the European Union since 2012.

BETTER FINANCE represents over 4 million financial services users from across the European Union and beyond. It aims to channel the voices of individual investors, savers and users of financial services at the European level. It fights for the establishment of an open, transparent, and efficient real economy served by financial institutions that prioritize the public interest.

BETTER FINANCE acts as an independent financial expertise and advocacy centre, directly benefiting European end-users of financial services (and non-industry stakeholders). Its members are dedicated European financial services user organisations, who represent financial services users in their respective EU Member States.

SASV's objectives are in line with BETTER FINANCE's commitment to ensure the fair treatment of investors. The SASV is pleased to make the interests of Swiss investors visible and audible at European level through its membership of BETTER FINANCE and to be actively involved with BETTER FINANCE.

The SASV's membership of BETTER FINANCE underlines the joint commitment to transparency, investor protection and the promotion of sound financial practices. The SASV is looking forward to working actively with BETTER FINANCE to address important issues affecting Swiss investors and jointly contribute to shaping a safe and fair financial landscape in Europe.

At present, SASV represents the interests of shareholders in a model lawsuit against UBS in the Zurich commercial court. The dispute revolves around the controversial and hastily valued acquisition of Credit Suisse by UBS in March 2023. SASV highlights the discrepancy between the purchase price and Credit Suisse's market value, which has harmed numerous small investors and pension fund assets. SASV also criticizes the negotiation process who had more the character of horse-trading, where the purchase price was set arbitrarily, and the lack of shareholder voting in the takeover.

Interested shareholders can join the model-lawsuit via the following link: 

Better Finance

Further information on BETTER FINANCE can be found at:


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